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We always prioritize creativity in developing products for our clients. After providing application project ideas from clients, we process them into products that are of interest to the market. Starting from usability to business optimization. Everything is done with thorough research data.

Our culture is always preceded by discussion and consultation before executing, whatever the client's project. In fact, we are open to just brainstorming even though the project has not been implemented. Because many people have business ideas but are still afraid and do not understand the continuity of the business they will start. For this reason, Gumugu is here to be a business partner who will accompany the client's business journey.


noun [ U ] /╦łgumugu'/ ID

Gumugu is a term used to express joy at work. Gumugu is a passionate developing IT company that provides freshness, accuracy and appropriateness of every idea executed. Starting from 2014, Gumugu has served hundreds of projects, with additional positive feedback from satisfied clients.

Proudly used by our customers from around Indonesia and Malaysia

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  • Palembang
  • Kuala Lumpur
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  • Sorong, Papua
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